As the market for mobile apps continues to grow, so does the competition for app users and their attention. In order to be successful, it is essential to understand what app users value most. While there are many factors that go into creating a successful app, we thought we’d generate some of our own insights to share, gained through a recent pulse to UK cohorts, via OnePulse, a survey app.

We asked, ‘when using an app, what do you value the most?’ – and the responses are very telling!

What users’ really value

Turns out, there are three key areas that are most important and hold the most value to app users overall: ease of use, quickly achieving something significant, and the app does the work for them.

Diving into the survey responses further, how can they then be translated into meaningful, actionable strategies?

  1. Ease of use – or ‘usability’, generally speaking is design focused comprising all User Experience (UX) elements, where developers define specific metrics per project—e.g., “Users must be able to tap ‘Find’ within 3 seconds of accessing the interface.”—and aim to optimise ease of use while offering maximum functionality. Of course, there’s always a balance between usability and functionality, but fundamentally what most product teams strive to answer and reflect in the interface, is: “Can users interact easily enough with the interface to complete their tasks/goals effortlessly.”
  2. How quickly can I achieve something? – which is logically linked to ease of use and overall UX. Setting KPIs and analysing metrics are effective here to build an overall picture of user behaviour. Also, app performance including time to first purchase, purchase patterns and in-app behaviours overall are key to add to the mix. Areas impacting speed such as load times, screen dimensions/resolution, and API latency are also worthy of analysis.
  3. The app does the work for me – Here, behavioural metrics are key, as in analysing the type of behaviours that are unique to your app, that will help lift the lid on your audience’s minds. These findings can then be built into new features to help achieve the goal of the app doing the users’ work, intuitively.

What about the Gen Z’ers?

Did you know that Gen Z’ers are downloading on average 3.4 apps per month, with 26% downloading 5+? This underlines the need to apply effective top of the funnel acquisition, engagement, and retention strategies to this cohort.

Activities including visual storytelling, leveraging social media effectively, using influencers and creating brand personalisation for example. Coupled with lifecycle management including push, bots and re-marketing will help cut through the competitive, digital noise to ultimately create app “stickiness.”

Our Conclusions

Our survey identified the 3 most valuable things to users when using an app: ease of use, quickly achieving something significant, and the app doing the work for them.

Which is great because this is where considered actions are key, and why we continue to ask app user communities questions. 

Their answers allow us to decide whether to apply intuition and anticipate user goals, provide more or less choice for users, let the app do the work of the obvious bits in the user journey and use emotional design for the easiest to use interface.

Today’s app users have firm ideas on why they’ve downloaded an app and what they want to get out of it.

It’s then up to us to deliver amazing user journeys to reinforce those feelings and help them fall in love with the app even more!

Stick around, we’re asking Gen Z’ers more questions, and will be sharing the top 3 things about apps they want to see more of on social media…


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