Grow Intelligently with D.I.C.E.T

Visualise the process, enhance experiences.

Comprehensive planning and execution based on customer-centric experiences and challenges.


At Envision Digital, we believe in keeping our processes simple and effective. The D.I.C.E.T process promotes gathering data, analysing insights to identify challenges, and then crafting and executing the right solutions to overcome them. Traffic is sent to validate the strategies implemented to make sure users are experiencing an enhanced journey promoting growth and retention.

Envision Digital - D.I.C.E.T Program

Ensuring you have all of the correct data accurately displayed and narrated in one place to provide the key insights. If your data is not accurate, it has a significant knock-on effect with analysis, learnings, and actioning strategies to help improve your growth; that’s a rabbit hole that is incredibly tough to come back out of.

With additional features and experiences for the user, additional data is required to collect in your tech stack to provide analysis on those efforts. At Envision Digital, we keep a close eye on feature improvements and additional features being added to the experience to make sure that insights can be collected, analysed and learned from as quickly as possible. If you are developing a new feature for your audience, you need to know how they react to it after all.


Gathering insights feeds into the all-important task of identifying user and business challenges. If a challenge goes unnoticed, then it can affect your growth plans significantly and become irreversible with your existing users. People need to trust they can have a confident and consistent experience with your business. If this fails, and users feel frustrated or that the value they once had is gone, they are at serious risk of churn and, more importantly, could leave for good, undoing all of the previous hard work.

Craft Solutions

Once challenges have been identified, solutions can be crafted to help overcome them. Whether that is to do with paid media, CRO, ASO, SEO, lifecycle, or even product changes, that is to be defined and detailed. Significant challenges stunt growth and make it difficult to push to the next milestone if they go untreated.

At Envision Digital, we use expert partners to support finding a path of least resistance with the highest impact on the user experience and to overcome particular challenges.

Execute Strategies

Once a clear path to overcoming challenges is identified, it is time to implement them. 
Starting with addressing the area(s) which will enable future growth, a detailed plan is coordinated to understand the requirements of executing the tasks and responsibilities.

Send Traffic

To validate the changes, paid media traffic is used to help understand the impact of the changes on either the product or marketing approach. 

Where organic traffic is potentially at a level where the analysis is not going to be statistically significant, paid traffic is where we will learn the most from the changes and in a shorter period.

Our Process Promotes Ongoing Success & Growth

Incorporating data infrastructure, paid media, user lifecycle and conversion rate optimisation, the whole funnel is looked after throughout this process.

Starting with making sure the right tech stack is integrated into your product, a managed service looks to identify user and business challenges from the word “go”.
Using carefully vetted partner services, the customer experience is enhanced to promote growth in line with your business goals and objectives.

Envision Digital - Data implementation process

User & Product Challenges

Identify challenges which are impacting users or the business, or both, which are impacting the rate of growth.

Gather Insights

Gathering core insights from the data which backs up the defined challenges. Using cohort analysis, insights, user trends and common product signals to significantly detail out the behaviour and impact.


Interpreting the analysis will uncover particular cohorts of users or identifiable traits which will hone in on the core issue(s)  being analysed. Interpretation of the strategy to overcome these issues, which identifies responsibilities and requirements.


Strategy execution will bring the right people together to overcome the issues impacting growth, bringing in expertise to tackle the issues and overcome user & business challenges.

Strategies to overcome challenges


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a powerful tool to experiment with the user’s digital experience and to also help personalise and enhance the journey for them.


App Store Optimisation (ASO) s integral with a mobile-centric approach to gaining new users. Congruence is critical to delivering a seamless experience for users, making sure that the right users are acquired at the top of the funnel.

Paid Media

Paid media enables significant growth for your business, but ensuring you hit the right people in a suitable environment (social media) is very important for successful growth.

User Lifecycle

Getting through to your users is important to build a relationship with them and nurture their experience. People expect a consistent and personalised experience with full marketing automation.

Take the guesswork out of successful product growth

All too often, businesses want to create new features because they think it would be best for their users. Here at Envision Digital, we ask, “what do your users say about it?”

Implement a framework which takes the guesswork out of what your build next, which takes your strategy from “I think” to “I know“.

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