The MVP Framework

Develop features and experiences with confidence.

At Envision Digital, we have developed a framework which supports building new features and experiences for users with full confidence, taking the guesswork out of growth.

The Minimum Viable Solution

Erratically crafting, building and launching features that you think will enhance your user experience is like taking a shot in the dark. If you are lucky, you will hit close to the mark, if not, hit it dead on. More often than not you are likely to miss and think back at the wasted hours and money on building something which your users did not want in the first place. This leads to untimely business demise and tough times trying to find a viable solution to grow effectively.

It starts with your users; listen to what they want and value so you can provide them with the best possible experience(s).

Here at Envision Digital, we have developed a process to help you not only get that feedback but confidently build features and experiences in such a way you will reduce your costs and increase the speed to value with a data and customer-centric approach.

Identify Features/Experiences

Have you got some ideas on what to build? Great.

We support you in identifying what is required to build to validate what you want to build and make it something that is either right or wrong for your audience.

Validate the Hypothesis

Instead of building something that works, build something that doesn’t.

Yes, you read that right. Before you spend time building a feature, getting UI/UX designs, dev logic and coding, we help you to define something even smaller to help validate that idea without needing to build anything.

Build at Scale

We support you in identifying statistical significance.

Once that has been reached, a definitive decision can be made whether that feature makes it into the roadmap or you move on to build something else. Take the guesswork out of what does and does not work, and build features with confidence.


Generate insights, craft solutions and execute experiences that will significantly impact growth.


Clean, compliant and actionable data. Unified data sources and destinations which tell a compelling and actionable story.


Truly understand your customers and what they value the most from your product. Develop a strategy centred around them and their needs.

Craft Solutions

Craft scalable solutions which solve a particular challenge. Distinctly build what they need and want from your business.


Execute a holistic strategy combining multiple disciplines to maximise your opportunity to grow across the business.


Optimise traffic to test, manage and optimise the solutions. Measure past performance for ongoing and sustainable growth opportunities.

Grow intelligently! Get in touch to start now.